Reformulating Culture

At Readymade Productions we believe in the necessity of coining a new word like Paraculture, Heteroculture, Parallel Culture, Extraplanar Culture or something similar that could describe all unofficial, non-institutionalized artistic manifestations. We inscribe ourselves in this new kind of Culture.

Artistic Democracy

We also believe a context in which all kinds of artistic manifestations are freely accepted is vital (the ones with little money, unconsecrated actors...). We disagree with the institutionalization of art, as we think it is a fallacy designed to fatten the same old bellies.


Finally, at Readymade Productions we defend the abolition of all kinds of borders, especially the cultural ones. We defend productions that are open to the world, while drawing upon the resources of our land. We believe in productions that are free and universal, not self-centered and conceived for self-consumption. Or country is small enough, let's not shrink it further.

* the points comprised in the Readymade Productions Manifesto are subject to the conjucture of the territory lying to the south of Europe and to the north of Africa.

Latest News

29 Jul

Dear Readymade Productions followers, this first year is almost over and we are very thankful for all of your support, kind words, positive energies, advice and opportunities; for all the love that you’ve shown us. In the past eleven months we have grown as we couldn’t have imagined, we have been able to investigate and materialize many of our ideas, we got...

Prelude to
30 Sep

Voilà! We give you the prelude to, or the Programmable Autonomous Interchangeable New Tool box by Readymade Technologies. If you wanna discover what it's all about, you'll just have to follow this series on our website.

23 Sep

This week we inaugurate our Expressive Technologies section, one of Readymade Productions's three pillars. In this section you will find different kinds of entries

06 Sep

Last Friday, the Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Terrassa – CAET revealed the program of the upcoming Festival Terrassa Noves Tendències...

06 Sep

After seeing how everybody went crazy because of a very particular (and very effective) #hipstercampaign we don't need to explicitly mention...

05 Sep

Welcome to Readymade Productions, a company formed by young people with little money in their pockets who want to...


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